Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Arduino now allows you to add Zipped libraries

It seems with the newer version of the Arduino IDE you can now download a library and add it without having to unzip it (Add .ZIP Library...). It also adds the library to the proper place in the Arduino User directory.  

Further, it seems to not care about hyphenated folder names. I download the latest version of NT7S's Si5351 library into my downloads directory and by adding the library as above and it worked just fine. User libraries are now listed in a section called "Contributed libraries" which shows up when you click "Include Library" on the above menu. This should make things a little less confusing.

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  1. Hi Tom!
    Just now i implement your code changes in the sketch, everything is fine, but one thing is no good. When i go over 100 .000.000 Hz, and then return down... have...99.999.999 Hzz??
    That error you can see on my previous video. Can you fix that??
    Also, have one question. My final target is SDR RTX (something like VE3MKC) with Teensy 3.1!
    Please, put in the code divider by 4, just for LCD display( for example ...real vfo freq. is 20.000.000 Hz), but on display must be 5.000.000 Hz (vfo/4).I dont use google translator, my english is poor, but think you understand me 99,99%.!
    Happy Easter to you and yours!